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Hiking And Rural Tourism


Leading a rural life is like a breath of fresh air for anyone and everyone who grind in the mundane & polluted diurnal city life. The opportunities to feel the wilderness, to relax in the serenity, to bring out your inner ornithologist or to scale the unknown terrains in solitude are obtainable only on a trip to the rural countryside. Tours Cabo presents travellers with the prospect to enjoy the earthly rural life amidst the heartfelt hospitality of the Pericue Family. Fill your tummy with a sumptuous farm fresh homemade dinner and relive the country life exploring the hidden delights.

For the lovers of the trails, Baja offers a plethora of hiking destinations that will not only quench your thirst for adventure but also enrich your senses with exquisite vistas and historical facts. There are many towering and difficult locations in Baja, some of which are tough to scale while some are relatively easy. One of the main attractions in Baja is definitely the caves of San Dionisio. It is quite a difficult hike but once scaled is very rewarding. The cave paintings and the rock cut artistry in the caves are very beautiful and archeologically significant. It was thought to be about 2000 years old but recent archaeological findings state that the cave arts date back to 7500 years.

However, the trek that allures all is none other than the dark pool or La Poza Oscura. The trail entitles a steep rock climb through the mountainous stretches followed by a deep descent of 50 feet into the Baja California Sur. The calm waters will refresh the body from hike fatigues and a somersaulting cliff diving into the water pool will heighten up the spirit. Apart from these rural Baja gems tourists can enjoy the local delicacies and the vibrant yet tranquil lifestyle.

Tours Cabo guides will lead the tourist to all the general and off eats located in Baja and through their eyes you will definitely reinvent the fascinating cultural, ecological and historical aspects of the countryside. What is most intruding about the tours is that you will visit places that are even unknown to the locals. The rural hike trip normally takes about 8 hours. For adults the tour price in 100 USD and for kids it is 80 USD.

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Price:

    Adults $100.00 USD

    Kids (12-16 years old) $80.00



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