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  • Beginner “Independent Kiteboarder”

    Our most popular lesson! This package takes you from learning safety and control on the beach to getting your first rides in the water! We break the lesson down over 4 days, completing 2hrs each day. Included is use of all of our equipment, radio helmet water lessons, beach vehicle assisted downwinders and an IKO certification.

    Day 1 – Learning to Fly – You will learn equipment set-up and terminology, weather effects, kite control, wind-window theory, letting go of the bar, relaunch, quick release, and a basic self rescue.

    Our equipment is specialized for land training to minimize the power of the kite for safe and comfortable flying. At the end of this lesson you will get in the water for a tandem body surf with your instructor.

    Day 2– Body-Surfing -This lesson you will learn how to confidently fly a kite with a little more power. You will spend the entire lesson in the water while getting feedback from your instructor using our custom radio helmets. You will learn power strokes, direction change in the water, water re-launch, and one handed flying.

    Day 3– Board Knowledge – You will learn how to put the board on your feet while flying the kite, water-starts, and body position one you stand up. We utilize our beach vehicle downwinders and radio helmet instruction for this lesson.

    Day 4– Mastering the Board – This lesson includes multiple downwinders for ultimate board practice. You will learn how to control speed and direction by edging.

  • Price: $720


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