Diving Courses - Cabo Pulmo

Open Water Course

This is the basic scuba diving course, for those that want to learn how to dive. This course gives you all the necessary knowledge and experience to simply go diving.

The course includes: learning the principles of scuba diving that are necessary to plan and execute a dive trip, pool sessions to practice important diving skills and 4 open water dives from a boat at the local dive sites.

The knowledge development will concentrate on the fundamentals of scuba diving, including physical and physiological principles, such as: buoyancy, pressure, depth and breathing compressed air. You will learn about diving equipment and the manner of using it, underwater communication, safety measures and more.

The four open water dives at the Cabo Pulmo Marine Park are the highlights of the course and will reinforce your knowledge and develop your skills.

The Open Water Diver course will provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to dive independently with your dive buddy.

  • Duration: 3-4 half days
  • Minimum Prerequisites: Good physical health

  • Price: $580.00 usd
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Advance Course

The Advanced Open Water Diver is a course for certified divers, with a basic level of certification (Open Water or equivalent). It is a very practical course, oriented at dive experiences, dive skills and most importantly fun. The course has no classroom style learning, it includes 5 specialty dives. Each dive concentrates on a different experience or skill.

Two of the five dives are mandatory specialties Deep diving and Underwater Navigation, while the other 3 specialties can be chosen from a list of about 25 specialties.

This is a highly recommended course for beginner’s and intermediate alike, to get formal training in Deep Diving, Underwater Navigation and similar necessary skills. It ispossible to take the course right after the Open Water Diver course or to get some experience first and take the course after getting a few dives in your log book.

An experience oriented course, it does not include any classwork, only diving and instruction. The course includes 5 specialty dives, in each you will learn a unique type of dive or dive skill. This training will open the door for you to make advanced dives in possibly challenging conditions.

  • Duration: 2 half days
  • Operation days: Daily

    Minimum age: 15 years old (or 12 years old for Junior Advanced

    Open Water Diver certification)

  • Price: $440.00 usd
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Rescue Course

For most Dive Instructors and Divermasters the Rescue Diver course is remembered as the most fun course from of all dive courses. This course, along with Emergency First Response course, provides divers with confidence in preventing and handling emergencies that are dive related.

The Rescue Diver course, highly appreciated, provides the physical and mental preparation essential to get you ready to prevent, anticipate, and, if necessary, handle any diving accident. Because the course focuses on rescue skills, this is a challenging course, but not requiring special preparation.

The course consists of three main parts: The development of theoretical knowledge, training sessions and rescue scenarios in a natural environment that simulate diving incidents.

During this course, you will learn the principles and techniques that you will need to avoid, anticipate, and handle diving emergencies, the recognition of diver stress or equipment problems. You will learn to evaluate the situation and correctly react in administering first aid and applying the life saving and first aid procedures on conscious or unconscious victims, on the surface as well as underwater.

Probably the most fun and intense course for experienced divers. This course expands on the M.F.A course. You will acquire additional physical and mental skills in diving used in preventing and dealing with dangerous situations at sea.

  • Duration: 3 half days
  • Departure and operation days: Daily

    Minimum age: 15 years old (or 12 years old for Junior Rescue Diver)


  • Price: $500.00 usd
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Dive Master Course

We will train you to work in a variety of dive safaries and ocean conditions. You will assist our staff in preparing dives, leading divers, filling tanks, loading boats, assisting with courses, maintaining equipment and more.

With our professional staff you will get the experience to be a skilled, knowledgeable Divemaster, capable of leading safe and fun safaris for certified divers and ready for PADI Instructor level training.

All program participants are required to have a diver’s medical examination prior to beginning training.

  • Duration: Please contact for specific information.
  • Minimum age: 18 years old

    Minimum Prerequisites: Rescue diver with valid CPR Certification within the previous two years

    Full Dive Master course and material

  • Price: $1750.00 usd
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